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Friday, September 16, 2016


Posted by Harry at 03:14 || under Insurance 1 year ago & has been viewed 11888 times. Print

If you're looking for insurance for your health, home or car, there's a new Chiang Mai based English & Thai speaking company that will help you to find the right policy for you.
At Indigo Chiang Mai Real Estate, whether you have a property for rent or if you have bought a house or condo, we recommend that you get a good insurance policy so that you're covered if things do go wrong. Here's some information from our friend, CNX insure:

Whether it be health, home or vehicle insurance these are 3 things to add to your ‘to do’ list as they are just as important here as in your home country.


Health insurance – There are many providers offering different types of cover, some good some bad…so which one to go for? With over 10 years of industry experience we find the ...

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why Chiang Mai Is Considered the Best Option for Vibrant yet Relaxed Living Atmosphere

Posted by Harry at 20:47 || under Living in Chiang Mai 2 years ago & has been viewed 1547 times. Print

However busy modern the world becomes, there is still a charm associated with the old world that excites and captivates each and every one. And this is what northern Thailand city Chiang Mai is known for. The ancient Lanna Kingdom capital gives exciting glimpse of that fascinating past, while holding itself strong in the face of the modern development.


Chiang Mai is considered one of the best live-able cities, not just in Asia, but the entire world.

So, what makes people, especially digital nomads, flock to this city and make it their home? We take a look at the reasons:

Old world charm: There is something distinct about the air and culture of this city, which is absent everywhere else. Flanked by wooden houses alongside the river and presence of hundreds of serene Buddhist temples makes Chiang Mai one of the most comforting place to live.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Vacant Property Care - Home check service for owners who are away from their homes

Posted by Alice at 17:04 || under General 2 years ago & has been viewed 1558 times. Print

Vacant Property Care (VPC) Home Check is a service that offers peace of mind to property owners and tenants that are away from their homes, condominiums or investment properties for extended periods.

Home Check will regularly visit, inspect and report on the status both indoors and out of your vacant property.
These checks will not only show a regular presence but notify you earlier of break-ins, squatters, fire damage, flooding or other maintenance issues, including vermin and insect infestations.
The early detection and removal of rats, ants and termites is especially important.
VPC checks and reports not only offer earlier detection but as an added service, where possible, we will address problems while you are away, using only maintenance or service contacts that you approve or recommend. 

VPC will take photos and make a report with each and every visit, even when no problem is found, and send them to you.
For more information, please email us at

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